The smarter way to travel & spend.

  • Issue employees a corporate Mastercard to manage expenses
  • Lock in FX rates to control your future spending and cashflow
  • Realtime expense reconciliation
  • Accepted at 36 million locations worldwide
  • No monthly fee - just a fair exchange rate

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Improve business spend

Take full control of your travel expense costs


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Absolute control creates cashflow peace of mind

  • True exchange rate transparency
  • Exchange rate control
  • Visibility on cash flow
  • No more surprises with expense reconciliation and variable exchange rates

Designed with Everyone in Mind

SWAPX for Business is a not only an innovative expense application for finance departments, but an expense solution for all areas of the business.

Business Owners
Manage smoothly and effectively
  • Cost accuracy
  • Insight & peace of mind
  • Maximise productivity

With total control over the FX rate you and your employees spend at, not only are you saving money every time you travel and spend, but now you can accurately predict cash flow across all of the business months in advance.

Working efficiently from one single platform
  • Time saving
  • Accurate reporting
  • Realtime reconciliation

Reconcile all expenses in real-time and export any format of report to your preferred accountancy package. meaning those lonely month end reconciliation hours are a thing of the past.

Finance Departments
Finance under control at any level
  • Cash flow management
  • Spending control
  • Budget certainty

Using the SWAPX for Business portal, administrators can stay in control of spending and travel expense budgets within different departments. SWAPX provides an efficient way to control travel spending for employees at an FX rate aligned with the business budgets.

Freedom, accuracy & focus on job objectives
  • Empowerment
  • Financial freedom
  • Job focus

Users have secure access to the SWAPX for Business app. They can manage all their expenses in real-time, receive notifications, see reminders and keep track of all their expenses and easily upload receipts for accurate records.


Simon Fawson


Private customer

I’ve tried several ways of minimising what I perceive to be unreasonable costs associated with business or holiday travel including debit cards and prepaid cards and, even, wodges of dollars when travelling to South America in the days of hyper inflation. So I was very happy to be an early user of SWAPX when I heard about how it works.

Antony Martin


ROCK Managing Director and Founder

One of our major challenges as a business is high acquisition costs for a low value transaction with little or no loyalty. The SWAPX technology allows us to engage and re-engage with customers within an environment that will significantly improve customer retention whilst reducing acquisition costs.

Want to know more?

Now you can issue your employee a fully branded prepaid multi-currency card powered by SWAPX for Business. Transparent fees provide instant clarity.