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Load your card with GBP or EUROs. Choose to SWAP currency for free in the SWAPX Exchange*, or your card will dynamically SWAP at the moment you use it.**

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Transfer money
instantly & securely.

Send money instantly & securely. Splitting the bill or just simply sending money to another card holder, transferring funds to other SWAPX members is completely free.

Multiple currencies.
All with one card.

Use your card anywhere in the world. Your card will dynamically SWAP from the currency you are holding into the currency required in your location as you use it.**

Save up to 80% on Bank & Bureau rates.

When you SWAP & SPEND it costs you much less than using the Bank or Bureau. You can SWAP GBP and Euros in the SWAPX Exchange - at the true rate of exchange.*

"It’s win win. And, in passing, it's a great way to keep track of your spending!" - See full User Story here

SWAP currency for FREE
at the true market rate.*

When you need travel money, you can swap EUROs and GBP in the SWAPX Exchange or with friends*, or SWAPX will dynamically action the swap for you** when you use your card anywhere in the world.

SWAP currency & start saving with SWAPX
You get

Our rate:
You save

vs your bank
info How did we calculate it

SWAPX true market exchange rate:
Allowing for SWAPX load fee: %
Average bank exchange rate:

Average bank exchange rate simulated from the travel money rates of a range of high street banks.

Rates updated:
Send money

Send money instantly & securely with SWAPX

Save up to 80% over traditional money transfer services when you send money from your SWAPX card to another.

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Multiple currencies.
All on one card.

SWAPX is the only card you will ever need for your travel money.

Your Swapx Mastercard prepaid card is accepted at 1 million locations in the UK and 36 million locations worldwide.

Use it to shop online and on the high street anywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted and withdraw cash at home or abroad at any ATM that displays the Mastercard family of brands

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