Simple, secure and saves you money.

Firstly - load funds to your card.

Your card will dynamically SWAP into the ‘in-country’ currency at the ATM, or when you spend.*

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Travel money that is instantly available on your card

Load your card - and you’re all set.

Hit it up contactless, or just use your card at the ATM or point of sale and the transaction* will complete automatically into the currency you need from the currency you have available on your card.

And what’s more…

Using SWAPX for your travel money and getting the best rate available means you will be beating the High Street by approximately 4% and airport kiosks by up to 8%.

Use your prepaid Mastercard everywhere Mastercard debit cards are accepted and keep track of your spending through the app.

SWAPX TOP TIP! - When using your card abroad at the ATM or when you buy something, you may be given the choice to pay or be billed in the local currency or GBP - ALWAYS choose the local currency option.

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More about the app

The App connects with your card to manage on mobile all of your expenses and purchases activities 24/7 everywhere from your favourite device.

More about the app More about the app

Travel money

Top up you card, send money to other card holders & manage your wallets


Buy insurance on the go – whether its Travel, Gadget or CDW we will make sure you are always covered even for those last-minute trips.


Instantly view transactions and keep on top of your spending & travel budgets – you can allocate your spending to personal & business to help with end of month expenses.


Your SWAPX Prepaid Mastercard® is super secure. Controlling your card from your app is easy - and should you ever lose your card then use the app to report it lost or stolen and block it right away.


Easily access and manage all your account details and your cards permissions


Control and manage your contacts, limits information, notifications and privacy; quickly export transactions and access terms and conditions.

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It’s simple, secure and saves you money.

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